The Party

Duck Surtova is a halfling rogue descended from a very minor branch of the Surtova family. Duck’s family became part of the Surtova family when a particularly talented chef ancestor impressed a third son of a minor branch of the Surtova clan with exception culinary skills. When she was going to leave to work for one of his brothers of better birth, he proposed marriage to her rather than being faced with a future without her wonderful food. Thus was a halfling branch of the Surtova family born.

[[:Sergei Medvedev]] is a dwarf warrior, who in the tradition of the merchant clans of Brevoy has taken the name of the family that rules the city of his clans market.

[[:Yorik Ironson]] is the decendant of reavers from the Lake of Ice.

Luonto is a bear shaman and fey foundling who grew up in the wilds of Iobaria.

Sebatien Mandrake is a sorceror with a knack for flame.

The Party

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